Heroes of Bushcraft "Barn the Spoon"

When speaking of bushcraft and outdoor skills, there are a few names in the industry that stand out. "Barn the Spoon" is one of those names.

Barn decided about 9 years ago that spoon carving was his thing and decided to dedicate his life to the pursuit. Starting off with a small workshop in central London's Spitalfields (of all places) where he was able to demonstrate his skill and craftmanship.

Using a wide variety of woods and techniques, Barn has been creating magical spoons for a variety of uses and occasions. From simple function to ornate decoration, each piece is special and individual, making them great gifts. Having mastered the art of carving, the next natural step was to embark on teaching the mastered art. Having tought courses in varrying organisations including Tate Britain, Barn is more than qualified to pass on his knowledge with finesse and humour.

To crystalise his knowledge, Barn decided to publish a book about spoons and spoon carving. Due to the publication's success, he then went on to write several more books, relating to working with wood generally, not just in a spoon carving capacity. Titles include:

"Spon - A Guide to spoon carving and the new wood culture"

"Wood Craft - Master the art of green wood working"

The next natural step for Barn was to found the "Spoon Carving" festival known as "Spoonfest". The festival, based in Edale, is a celebration of all things spoon. At Spoonfest you will be able to enjoy learning about all spects of carving from tools to techniques. Courses are offered at the 2 day festival. You can also meet lots of like minded people and practice the arts communally.

Recently, Barn was invited to help the famous Swedish tool company "MoraKniv"  (one of the oldest and most famous Swedish tool companies) to create the perfect wood carving knife. What an accolade!

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Congratulations Barn!