Survival Advantage - A book by Andrew Lane


Exclusive to Bushgear!

Survival foods and techniques for the North-West European environment to give the book its full title. It is a comprehensive field guide to wilderness and urban survival. Dealing with everything from survival foods and techniques to first aid, shelter and navigation.

This lesser known title by Andrew Lane is considered by many experts as a hidden gem of survival information. Written in an easy to understand format with hundreds of custom illustrations, this is the ultimate guide to temperate climate survival.

We have managed to source a very limited number of signed copies of this rare, now out of print release.

Printed on special water resistant paper that will not disintegrate or crinkle when exposed to moisture. It also features a waterproof cover. Designed to fit in

This is the classic "Cold War" manual, written by a cold war soldier who was part of the deterrent to Soviet invasion on the "Northern Flank" (Arctic Norway). Amongst many other things, Andrew Lane was a front line Mountain and Arctic Warfare soldier trained Royal Marines.


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