Wild Edible Of The Week - Week 3 - "Good King Henry"

Botanical name : Chenopodium Bonus-Henricus

Common name : Good King Henry


Physical appearance : A medium sized perennial with large, finely toothed, triangular leaves.

Edible parts : Leaves and stems.

Best places to find : Roadsides, cultivated ground

Time of year : The leaves and stems can be picked all year round. The stems may become "woody" in texture, later on in the season.

Serving suggestions : The leaves and stems can be prepared like spinach or asparagus - boiled quickly until tender then served with salt and melted butter. The leaves make a flavourful addition to salads.

NB - Please be sure you know what you are picking. Many plants look similar to one another and many can be poisonous! Please seek professional instruction if you are unsure!

Photo courtesy of Thommybe via GNU free documentation licence.