These Boots Are Made For Farming - And That's Just What They'll Do!

These Boots are made for Farming

I’ve never been one for product reviews. For some reason I’ve never quite understood the fanatical desire exhibited by some people to leave a 3000 word essay on amazon detailing the pros and cons of their new soap dish, and just exactly why they’re deducting one star from the rating as it didn’t arrive until Thursday, when it was supposed to come on Wednesday morning.

Until now that Is. Because careering spectacularly into my life recently came what I can only describe as THE MOST AMAZINGLY COMFORTABLE THINGS I’VE EVER WORN ON MY FEET EVER, EVER, EVER. Or, as they’re described on the website – ‘Redback Boots – Original Jarrah Brown.’

I’ve never really spent much on work boots see, usually just buying whatever pair happen to be on offer at my local Ag supplier, and replacing them every couple of years, as they eventually fell apart due to the harsh conditions of life on a farm. What a fool I’ve been. Why did I treat myself like this? Farmer thrift I suppose. A false economy if ever there was one.

These Redbacks don’t just have springy soles, they practically bounce. I strutted out of the farmhouse door the first time I put them on like a prize fighter on the way to the ring, ready to kick some poor soul’s arse. Yes, these are genuine arse-kicking boots. I’m going to be buying my wife a pair too; I’m wary as to who’s arse she’ll kick in them, but I’ll take the chance.

Over the last few weeks I’ve thoroughly put them to the test. I’ve been fencing in them, driven tractors in them, and sorted cattle in them, and they haven’t been found wanting in any way. With a phenomenal grip that keeps you securely upright at all times, and a fit as comfortable as old slippers, they are an absolute delight to wear in every way, and just like the country that they’re made in, Australia, they’re durable, tough, and built to last.

I’m a convert, and as they say, once a Redback wearer, always a Redback wearer.

These boots are made for farming, and that’s just what they’ll do.

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