Shelta Hats - Your Aquatic Friend

If you spend a lot of time on the open water, you probably already know the importance of keeping lines of sight open in order to be able to anticipate and react to potential obstacle and dangers. Our range of Shelta hats are designed for exactly this purpose! The patented "no-flop" brim is rigid and therefore will not flop and obscure your vision at the crucial moment. 

Other features include sun protection equating to 50SPF, a wicking internal headband, reflective elements which help keep you visible during low light levels and at night. As if that wasn't already enough, the hat also floats if accidentally dropped whilst out on the water. The handy inside stash pocket is perfect for storing small items such as cash, credit cards, lighters etc. 

Many well thought out and useful design features.

Bushgear is the official UK retailer!

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