Our Chosen Charity For 2021

Each year, we here at Bushgear help support a charity. We are proud to announce that we have chosen to support the UK homeless charity "Shelter" for 2021. Shelter is a registered UK charity which provides support to people that have become homeless or are effected by a multitude of issues relating to housing or lack thereof.

Each year Shelter helps thousands of people by providing free advice, food and shelter, access to medical care, access to legal representation, access to long term, permanent housing, help with re entry into society for the long term homeless and much more.

Please visit our "JustGiving" page (CLICK HERE!) to make a donation. Alternatively you can leave a donation on the checkout page when making a purchase from us. Every penny raised will go directly to Shelter. We are hoping to raise £5000 by the end of 2021.

Thank you all for your support.