Essential Survival Kit For Outdoor Professionals and Explorers - The Jerven Bag

The "Arctic Lifesaver"

The Jerven bag has been a staple here at Bushgear UK for over 6 years. 

Although still relatively unknown, Jerven Bags have been saving lives around the world since the 90's. Originally designed for the Norwegian military, the JervenBags were soon taken up by civilians due to their brutal efficiency and simple yet effective design. 

Made from tough, aluminium lined material, the Jerven reflects 90+ percent of one's body heat meaning that chances of developing hypothermia are dramatically reduced. The material is water tight and has been manufactured to be non breathable, intentionally. This does mean that condensation is a factor however, we would suggest that it is better to be mildly moist than frozen solid. This issue can be addressed by paying attention to how the bag is set and utilised.

Using the YKK zipper system, it is possible to set the Jerven up in many useful configurations varying from shelters, to a bag liner, to a poncho to even a stretcher capable of supporting a person. 

This is one seriously understated piece of kit that can really save the day!

The truth is, you won't get it until you own one!

Available in several different versions, sizes and camouflage patterns to suit most environments. 

Check out our Jerven bags here: The Jerven