Company Spotlight - Prometheus Design Werx USA now at Bushgear

Dear customers and readers,

Very occasionally we come upon a range of products that adheres to our strict codes of quality. Our customers already know that we pride ourselves in stocking only the best, premium clothing and equipment. When we discovered an American company with standards as high as ours, we knew we had to make them a part of Bushgear family.

Introducing "Prometheus Design Werx"

Prometheus Design Werx is a San Francisco based company who design, manufacture and sell premium outdoor equipment and clothing. One of many companies which do so. So what makes PDW (Prometheus Design Werx) of special interest?

First, PDW is not some huge, faceless company churning out products catering to the lowest common denominator. Everything they make, from the simplest of tools and garments to their flagship, top of the line models are designed with thought and executed with precision. It's not just a question of production, more of a lifestyle choice and deciding to not put up with compromise. 

The PDW team is made up of over 15 members of staff all of whom are well versed  in their relative fields. With over 150 years of industry experience, there are very few things they have not tried or applied themselves to. This is what makes them such a powerful design force. 

The PDW team has a very varied, professional background ranging from deep sea diving, technical machining, martial arts, graphic design, pattern making and more. This diverse range of backgrounds has translated well into their equipment and clothing designs meaning they have a very wide scope of use. 

The remit of what they manufacture is very broad but generally can be classified as "outdoor" and "every day" goods. From tools useful from the office to the workshop to outdoor "adventure class" goods. Importantly, whilst adhering to their design principles, they also "keep an eye" on the aesthetics. Functionality is not sacrificed to looks and look are not sacrificed to functionality. Balance is achieved. 

From what we can glean, Prometheus Design Werx manufacture products that can be considered "heirloom" quality, products that you will feel proud to hand down to your children and which will continue to work, in their hands.

Whilst quality does come at a price, we believe that PDW has priced its goods accurately. 

Available in the UK from Bushgear here