Zebra | Food Carrier / Tiffin Box 18 cm - 5 Layer



The classic outdoor cooking pot range favoured by bushcrafters, chefs, campers and explorers worldwide since 1966.

Made from tough, stainless steel stock for superior durability and longevity. The Zebra Food Carrier consists of five identically sized mini pots which stack up on top of each other for convenient transportation.

The top "mini pot" has a lid which features a small loop for convenient lid lifting. Once all the pots are stacked, they can be "locked" into position, using the provided stainless steel locking system.

Dimensions - 18cm by 44cm


Height - 44cm

Width - 1cm


Weight - 1.8kg

Material - Stainless Steel

Made in Thailand

We are the official UK distributors of Zebra products.

UK Delivery included in the price.

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