Photon | Micro Light II White LED



A compact and easy to carry flashlight.

Features a very tough polycarbonate body which is water resistant to stand up to any weather conditions. Simply squeeze the button for on and let go for off. Alternatively, you can use the micro switch to leave the flashlight in a permanent "on" state.

Visible up to a mile away (depending on climatic conditions).

Supplied with stainless steel keyring.

Run Time

18+ Hours for White, Blue, Green, Night Vision
Green, Purple and Ultraviolet LED.
36+ Hours for Red, Yellow,Orange and Infrared LED.


0.25oz (7g) Micro-Light weight (without ring).
0.34oz (9.6g) with detachable quick release ring.


Length x Width x Height (1.57" x .94" x .28")
​(40 x 24 x 7mm)

Made in in the USA.

UK delivery included in the price.

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