Photon | Freedom Microlight Covert - The Original LED Keycain Light (Red LED Version)



The original and best micro flashlight.

Tough polycarbonate body housing a clever, miniature LED flashlight.

One button operation for all functions;

Fully brightness adjustable, safety beacon (flash) modes, strobe and SOS modes. Great for remaining visible or for grabbing someone's attention. On full power, the light is visible from over a mile away.

The Photon Freedom Micro uses replaceable batteries (CR2016 x 2 or CR2032 x 1).

This, the covert version, eliminates side and back spill, meaning the beam is not reflected back into your eyes (thus saving your night adjusted vision).

Supplied with keyring and necklace attachment.

Made in the USA.

Run Time

18+ Hours for White, Blue, Green, Night Vision
Green, Purple and Ultraviolet LED.
36+ Hours for Red, Yellow,Orange and Infrared LED.


0.25oz (7g) Micro-Light weight (without ring).
0.34oz (9.6g) with detachable quick release ring.


Length x Width x Height (1.57" x .94" x .28")
​(40 x 24 x 7mm)

UK delivery included in the price.

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