NOKIAN | Naali Extreme Winter Boot

SKU: N825-22-39


A waterproof and felt lined, tall and sturdy winter boot, designed for extreme conditions and demanding use. A civilian version of the Finnish & Swedish army boot (NSN
number : 8430 58 000 7742) relied upon by hunters, ice fishermen and explorers.


A thick, removable felt lining made of 100% wool is bound to keep your feet warm even in freezing temperatures, while the reinforced structure of the outsole provides extra insulation against cold. The boot has a built-in groove for cross-country ski bindings and features an adjustable collar to keep out snow and dirt.

The boots are designed with a spacious fit for wider feet and to accommodate a large pair of winter socks. Please see the sizing chart and foot measurement guide.

Quick-release tightening strap
Reflective band – does not replace the use of a CE approved reflector
Thick removable felt lining (100% wool) for extreme cold conditions.
Special rubber upper; resistant for to UV radiation and bending.
Double heel reinforcements.
Groove for ski binding.
Shock-absorbing heel structure.
Rotationally rigid midsole with two felt layers.
Double toe reinforcements.
Insulating and shock-absorbing sole structure.
Outsole prepared for skiing.
Frost proof to -40C.


Handmade of cold-resistant butyl rubber. 

Colour - Black

UK delivery is included in the price.

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