Lumica Light Sticks | Chlorine Stix

SKU: S6CL210


What is it?

These chlorine stix works in the same way as a chemical light stick. You simply bend the the stick in the middle until you hear a snap,allowing the chemicals within to mix, starting the reaction. However, instead of producing light, the stick exudes chlorine gas, which is highly effective at killing bacteria and viruses.

What can I use it for?

It is the ultimate air borne disinfectant. One of the best uses of these sticks is placing them inside a fridge. It will kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in your fridge, including those resting upon food packaging (particularly useful in these times). You will also find that produce lasts longer in your fridge, as the bacteria that cause decomposition are effectively erradicated. You will enjoy less condensation in your fridge as a bonus effect.

Other great uses include: keeping one in your car, bathroom or any other enclosed space where odours and bacteria are of concern.

Driving a taxi or private hire vehicle and not sure about your passenger's health? Pop a stick in it (and wear a mask!)!

Smelly footwear? No problem, pop a stick in each shoe and odour causing bacteria are effectively eliminated!

Smelly dog or cat bed? Pop a stick in!

Mold or mildew problems in the bathroom? Pop a stick in it!

Smelly toilet odours and bacteria? Pop a stick in it!

This is the ultimate airspace and room disinfectant!

NB These sticks are most effective when used in an enclosed environment, where the chlorine gas can effectively "build up" its concentration. For maximum effect, allow at least 3 hours for effective sterilisation. Once complete, give the object or room at least an hour to air out, this allows the gas time to dissipate! If using in a vehicle cabin, ensure air is allowed to circulate, to avoid inhaling the gas longterm.


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