KAKADU PLUM CO. | Desert Lime Powder - 45g

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A unique herb sourced from the Australian outback which gives a subtle lime flavour when used as an additive. Ideal for desserts or to add a citrus note to savoury dishes. 

Zesty in flavour and packed with good nutrients. Desert Limes are small in size but big in flavour. Rich in Vitamin C, desert limes also have a high potassium-sodium ratio which can assist with the reduction of blood pressure. 

How to use

Enjoy this beautiful Australian bush food ingredient in smoothies, cakes, jams and preserves, pickles, ice cream, dressings and even chocolate.

- High in Vitamin C, folate and Vitamin E.

- A High potassium : sodium ratio may help reduce blood pressure.

- The fruit is small, round and green, about the size of a small grape. It has a very distinctive zesty citrus flavour.


Weight 45 grams

Contents: 100% freeze-dried desert lime 

UK delivery included in the price.

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