Hikki | Hetvagg Solid Steel Hot Plate

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The Hetvägg is a solid cooking hot-plate made from 8mm carbon steel that fits the Lillhälla fireplace perfectly. Alternatively, it can be used independently on an open fire. Bake flatbread and prepare any meals suitable for cooking on a smooth grill hob. 

Sami have been baking gaahkoe (incandescent cake) over an open fire for a long, long time. A piece of dough is rolled out into a small flatbread that is baked on a hot stone slab. These ancient methods are still used, even though it is more common to bake the bread in a cast iron frying pan nowadays.

With our frying pan Hetvägg can you make use of proud traditions and discover the simplicity and joy of cooking and baking flatbread outdoor. You can build your own fireplace in the garden and adapt it to the bake pan with associated support legs.

The pan is made of carbon steel, a material as simple as it is smart. A raw steel completely without coatings or other oddities. Instead, over time, you build up the hob's unique patination through use.

Carbon steel is an appreciated material among chefs as it is very versatile, extremely durable, can be used with metal utensils and responds more quickly to heat than cast iron. Keep in mind that carbon steel needs to be used a few times to get a nice surface. We recommend that you fry the hob with a few thin layers of organic flaxseed oil to build up the unique patina and get a good start.

The thickness of the hotplate allows the heat to spread evenly over the entire surface while it also maintaining the heat for a long time. Place small pots on the side for warm-up while milling vegetables and other tasty stuff in the middle. The whole hotplate serves as a frying surface, but also as a large plate to use with saucepans and pans for cooking if you wish.



8mm carbon steel on the main body
3mm carbon steel for the feet/supports.


Weight -15 kg
Width - 58 cm
Depth - 58 cm
Height - 12 cm with legs
Support points for the legs in square 47 x 47 cm
Frying pan - 14 kg
Support legs - 1.2 kg
Support legs included

Mainland UK delivery included in the price.

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