StrikeFire | Tinder Cards by Hammaro



An environmentally friendly yet reliable form of fire lighting tinder.

Each packet contains 6 waxed fire lighting cards, each of which can be subdivided into 3 strips, giving a total of 30 pieces of tinder card. This should be enough to light approximately 30 fires. With practice, experienced users should be able to double or even triple the amount of fires made from a single packet.

To use, simply cut off section, fluff up the fibres, light with sparks from a fire steel or use matches or a lighter. 

Although not entirely waterproof, the tinder cards are waxed, so can cope with low levels of moisture. 


Width 9.5cm
Length - 19cm
Pack weight - 0.21kg


Materials - Recycled paper, stearate

UK Delivery included in the price.

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