COUNTYCOMM | XL Flint Sparker Titanium Kit by Maratac®



An ultralight, compact means of starting a fire. The XL sparker can be relied upon to provide hot sparks to ignite kindling and stoves. 

True one hand operation! The best solution is usually the easiest to use!

Twice the size of our original brass Flint Wheel Sparker

Includes Titanium Nano Split Ring + 10 Spare Flints With Included Dispensers

Easily use your other hand for adjusting the tinder as needed.

The Xl Flint Sparker is used in survival kits and is extremely compact for EDC gear. You can now easily ignite tinder and other flammable goods for camping and survival needs.

Store extra flints inside the sparker too


Weight: 10.8 grams
Length: 7.6cm
Material: Grade 5 Titanium

UK delivery included in the price.

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