COUNTYCOMM | X-PAC Secret Utility Double Sided Pouch by Maratac®



X-Pac is a laminate technology created by taking multiple layers of material and bonding them together with heat, pressure, and adhesives. This process was first developed and distributed by the sailcloth-making company, Dimension-Polyant.

X-Pac has become a carry community favorite due to being durable, waterproof, and holding an impressive strength-to-weight ratio.

What’s S.U.P.?

This is just what you have been looking for to organize all the stuff you carry in your cargo pockets even your backpack pockets.

The outside organizes your pens, pocket tools, rulers neatly together in one place. But wait, there’s more. There is even a black anodized grommet to attach a tether to prevent loss.

But what is so “secret” about this Utility Pouch? It’s the low profile zippered pocket that will hold cash, a boat load of credit cards, secret notes, and quite possibly your manifesto.


Dimensions: Main Secret Compartment Outside: 16cm Tall X 11.5cm Wide
Main Secret Compartment Inside: 14cm Tall X 8.2cm Wide

Weight 28 grams

Features 6 each, Exterior Pen/Pencil Slots

UK delivery included in the price.

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