COUNTYCOMM | Tumbled Titanium EOD Robotics Breacher Bar Large



A tough, overbuilt yet compact prybar made from solid titanium.

EOD Robotics Breacher Bars come ready to go as a pry bar or lever. Ideal for opening crates and even punching through steel drums etc. The coffin corner back edge lends itself to a hammer nicely.

The 2 inner holes in the handle can be for paracord or solid slabs or whatever you like. The hole towards the top of the blade and the one on the end are good for lashing it onto a shaft, tree branch etc. The end hole is geared for hanging it up or for attaching a lanyard so you do not lose it in that pit or in the water.

The top edge can be hammered on as can the back end. And then you can use your imagination to do other things with it. (Makes a good wood chisel too!).
Bars do not come with cord wrapped handles. You will receive the metal bar. The rest is up to you. Not pretty, but pretty handy.

Can be sharpened to a razor sharp edge!

Nineteen years ago County Comm’s sister company, EOD Robotics, developed a simple compact Breaching Bar with input from Bomb Techs, SWAT Operators and Patrol Officers. These folks need a simple tool for prying; cutting and pounding that didn’t break the bank.

September 2020: We received a government contract for our same bars, BUT MADE FROM SOLID TITANIUM.


WHY TITANIUM?: Lightweight. 120 grams (1/2 the weight of the steel version),

Strong, Corrosion Proof and Non-Magnetic.

Length: : 21 cm

Thickness: 0.45 cm

Made from Grade 5 titanium

UK delivery included in the price.

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