COUNTYCOMM | Awesome Roll Up - Non Slip Project Mat



A convenient desktop/worktop mat useful for keeping projects organised or simply to protect surfaces. Made from a durable, pliable material.

Avionics technicians also use them to those tiny screws from magically disappearing. Features non-slip (inverse golf ball pattern) Silicone rubber tray holds small parts while maintaining a clean work space. High semi-rigid walls prevent pins from rolling off the tray surface.

Shielding: A desk pad will help to protect your desk from the wear and tear of keyboards, mice, and your own arms.

Traction : A desk pad will add a field of higher traction for keeping things like a keyboard in place, and many also come with elements that will keep more traditional writing implements or styluses from rolling away as well.

Organization: A desk pad will not only help you keep the surface of your desk clean, but also serves to create a distinct space on your desk for various tools to belong.

Sound dampening: If you're a keyboard nerd, you might benefit from a softer desk surface that will help reduce the thudding of a mechanical keyboard.


Weight : 600 grams
Dimensions External: 45cm x 28cm x 0.4cm ( this is thick and robust )
Material: Heat Resistant Silicone Rubber
Properties: Non-Magnetic, Anti-static, Flame/Heat Resistant, Solvent Resistant.
NSN Pending

Got it dirty, dusty, oily, greasy? No problem! Wash it down with a little soap and water and you are back good-to-go.

UK delivery included in the price.

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