COUNTYCOMM | Afterburner Glow Ring (Pack of 5)



A conveniently sized glow in the dark marker. These glow rings can be used to mark anything from equipment, to personnel, to tent zippers and guylines e.t.c. Once fully charged (takes about 1 minute in bright torchlight) they will glow for upwards of 18 hours on a reducing scale.

"These non-slip Afterburner® Glow Ring were developed at the request of a local SAR (Search And Rescue) hero. He wanted a way to mark his gear and zippers with a bright glow tag. He can even write on it with a Sharpie if he wants."

We made a small run for our local hero and his friends and were flooded with requests from other rescue folks, military and even the public started reaching out to us to buy some. Anyone who ever saw one wanted some, so we ran a production run of them so everyone can get some.

Not only can you mark your gear, but you can mark your keys, USB drives, etc. The uses are endless.

Also makes the ultimate zipper pull for you go bag.


Color: Glow
Weight : 3 grams each
Dimensions: 2.5cm x 0.4cm ( center hole size 8mm )
Mil-Spec Black Oxide Coated Brass Grommet
Material: Heat Resistant Silicone Rubber
Properties: Non-Magnetic, Anti-static, Flame/Heat Resistant, Solvent Resistant.
NSN Pending
Got it dirty, dusty, oily, greasy? No problem! Wash it down with a little soap and water and you are back good-to-go.

UK delivery included in the price.

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