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Wild Edible Of The Week - Week 9 - "Hawthorn"

Botanical name : Crataegus monogyna

Common names : Hawthorn, Haws, Mayblossom, Maythorn, Quickthorn, Bread and Cheese.

Physical appearance : A shrub that grown up to 8 metres in height and spread. Features green, glossy leaves, growing out of spiny branches. Its  flowers are white or sometimes have pink tones and are strongly scented. 

Edible parts : Leaves and berries.

Best places to find : Favours woodlands, hedges, scrublands and down land.

Time of year : Best harvested in April and early May.

Serving suggestions : Use in green leaf salads, jellies (to bulk out other fruits such as strawberries etc), sauces, syrups and puddings.

The leaves and berries can be eaten directly from the plant but the berries, in particular, should not be consumed in great numbers, without cooking. Over consumption can lead to mild stomach upsets.

Other uses : Good source of antioxidants including vitamin C. Hawthorn also makes for good fire wood, burning hot and clean.

NB - Please be sure you know what you are picking. Many plants look similar to one another and many can be poisonous! Please seek professional instruction if you are unsure! Don't risk your life!!!

Big D
Big D


Big D An avid outdoors man and explorer, Big D has been studying the art of bush craft and survival for over 15 years. Initially instilled with forest and coastal knowledge from his grand parents, Big D has practiced and expanded these skill sets to a high level. Ever knowledgeable on many outdoor skills and gear, Big D is always ready to help with useful advice and tips. Professionally, he has been involved in the industry for 8 years and has published hundreds of articles and videos, which have been enriching social media sites for years. Big D has been a solid member of the Bushgear team since June 2016.

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