LIMITED PRODUCT Fozzils Bowlz | Discovery Pack

SKU: 3415


All that is needed for a day of beach excavation Including a Pyramid strainer, Cylinder shape maker, creature tank, boat, sand shovel and cone maker no task from Crabbing to sandcastle making is off the cards 

Ideal for when space and weight are at a premium. The compact, fold-flat nature makes these bowls ideal for a day out at the beach, water bowls on dog walks or even camping


  • Easy, snap-together design assembles in seconds; when not in use, the bowl folds completely flat and takes up hardly any space in your pack
  • The re-usable container allows for safe stowing of products even when dirty
  • Made from a high quality, food-Grade, recyclable, polypropylene with unique properties making it highly suitable for folding and re-folding without breakage
  • Heat resistant to 110 degrees C (230 degrees F) which is slightly above boiling temperature
  • non-stick surfaces and unfold for easy cleaning


Item Package dimensions: L:25.5cm W: 24.5cm H:0.5cm

UK delivery included in the price.

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