COUNTYCOMM | Large Dyneema Zip Bag by Maratac



A large zippered pouch made from ultralight but tough Dyneema. Ideal for keeping things neat in a pack, bag or drawer with minimal weight penalty. Perfect for gram watchers -when every gram counts.

The Large Dyneema® Zip Bag is made from non stretch Dyneema® reinforced sail. The premium YKK Aquaguard storm zippers help seal this pouch. Whilst the Dyneema® Zip Bags are not waterproof, they are highly water resistant, as well as UV resistant. When these bags get dirty just hose them off and they are ready to use again.



Dyneema® has a high tensile strength to weight ratio; by this measure, it is 5 times stronger than steel.

Size: 25.4cm x 21cm

Weight: 68grams

UK delivery included in the price.

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