COUNTYCOMM | 120" Fiberglass Measuring Tape + Case - Gen 2



A tough measuring tape in its own pocket pouch.

Who doesn’t need to measure something, sometime?

Gen 1 - > 60"

Gen 2 - > 120"

During a meeting a team member pulled this measuring tape out of their pocket to help with a product design. Everyone at the table quickly became entranced with the simplicity and usefulness.

Other design team members discussed how difficult it can be to carry and store their measuring tapes, and how easily they get damaged.


These 120 inch measuring tapes are rugged yellow fiber-glass impregnated thick vinyl to prevent stretch, and then housed in a seatbelt grade pouch for simple traveling. There is also a removable lanyard to hang/attach it.


Tape is marked 120” at 1/8” increments and 300mm at 1mm increments, and is 5/8” wide.

Simple, effective, easy to use, easy to carry.

Do you measure up?

UK delivery included in the price.

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