COUNTYCOMM | Stealth RFID Electronic Pouch



A compact storage pouch with a secure velcro closure and built in RFID protection.

Ideal for electronic car keys, passports and other digital documents, credit cards, electronic key fobs and more. Prevents third party scanning.

This pouch was designed from the start at the request of a group of high-tech professionals that needed to completely shut down electronic communications devices (Cell Phones, RF ID Cards, key fobs) during sensitive business meetings.

Our design and communications staff teamed with their engineers to develop the "Stealth Electronics Pouch".

Blocks most wireless signals:
WiFi, Cell, Bluetooth, GPS, RFID/NFC, EMP, EMF, SAT/NAV, Solar Flare, Key Fob.


The Stealth Electronics Pouch Is made of ballistic nylon material over stainless steel Faraday shielding material. There is a larger internal pocket (11.4cm x 18.4cm) that was designed for phones, and a slightly smaller pocket (8.8cm x 18.4cm) that provides limited RF Shielding and is perfect for documents.

62 grams

UK delivery included in the price.

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