Nokian manufacture a great range of waterproof wellington style boots that have gained a very good reputation as a tough and reliable product. Primarily designed for colder climes, the boots are available in (removable) fleece lined or unlined versions. To put things into perspective, theses boots are favoured by ice fishermen (the Naali model in particular) so genuinely do offer great protection against the cold. Nokian boots also have a great reputation amongst hunters and backpackers as they not only keep your feet dry and warm but also provide excellent support thus minimising fatigue of the feet/legs/hips over extended periods of travel. 

The company offers several styles ranging from ankle high boots to full length boots, for maximum protection, depending on requirement. Nokian boots are also very easy to maintain, they simply require a basic cleaning with lukewarm soapy water and the very occasional rub down with a rubber boot preservative (to help preserve colour and elasticity).

Unlike many standard wellingtons, Nokian boots are furnished with a serious anti-slip grip pattern giving excellent traction on muddy hillsides and forest floors alike. This is another factor that puts Nokian boots above other wellington boot brands. 

Nokian boots are supplied with a 12 month warranty against defects in manufacturing. They can be safely stored in cold or wet areas with no fear of deterioration. However, they should not be stored in overly dry and hot areas e.g. a heated airing cupboard. 

Bushgear (trading name of Tradewinds Outdoor Ltd) is the official, exclusive distributor of Nokian boots to the UK. 

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