What is a Trailkeg and how do I use it?

Put simply, the Trailkeg is a portable drinks "growler" made from premium materials, providing great reliability and durability out in the field. The Trailkeg can keep your beverage of choice cold for up to 24 hours and fully pressurised for several weeks. It works equally well to insulate hot drinks (up to 12 hours) if that is more useful to you.

Ideal for cold brew (nitro) coffee, beers, carbonated soft drinks, kombucha, sparkling wines, cocktails, soda water e.t.c. With the Trailkeg system, practically any drink can be carbonated/nitrogenated, depending on need. The system is complimentary with home brewing.

If you are interested in finding out more, please watch the selection of "how to" videos below for a better understanding of how the Trailkeg system works.

Bushgear is the official UK distributor of genuine Trailkeg products.

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