Horseboarding - it's all the rage these days!

For those of you not familiar with the ancient art of horseboarding, it is an equestrian sport in which a rider on a horse tows a board rider on a mountain board (essentially an off road skate board). 

The board rider is towed by holding a tow handle and rope which is attached to the horse’s saddle by means of a specially designed saddle harness via a quick release system which is easily triggered. To some extent, horseboarding can be considered a team sport, involving the horse, the rider and the boarder. 

In a recent survey, horseboarding was voted as the sixth most extreme sport in the world due to the speed of movement and the fact that crashes (falling from the board) are common place (and unlike traditional horse racing, the horses do not suffer a barrage of injuries). This also makes for an exciting spectator sport which explains why horseboarding arenas are often full!

There are currently several places in the UK where one can learn horseboarding (please visit for more information). 

We here at Bushgear are proud to be the official sponsors the UK horseboarding championships!