Weltevree Loveseat Orange

Experience the joy of taking a warm bath in your own backyard. The wood fired Dutchtub Loveseat is fully heated by natural circulation: collect wood, start a fire and wait for the water to warm up before taking a well deserved seat in the comfortable Dutchtub in the open air. 

The Dutchtub is produced from polyester and the steel spiral heats the water by natural circulation. The Dutchtub Loveseat is available in 3 different unique colors and fits 2 adults. The Dutchtub Loveseat Cover is optional and can be added as an accessory to close off the Dutchtub when not in use, or the Cover can also help to speed up the water heating process.
Length: 1850 mm
Width: 1570 mm
Height: 590 mm
Weight: 40 kg
Designer: Floris Schoonderbeek
Product Color : Orange RAL 2000
Space: Suitable for outdoors
Warranty period: 12 months
Material: Fiberglass, Stainless Steel


The Dutchtub Loveseat can be easily filled via the turbo valve by connecting it to a garden hose. A full Dutchtub Loveseat contains about 350 litres of water.

Inside the coil is a heating basket, where an open fire will act as a heating source heating the water. A special ashtray is placed underneath the coil for extra stability and safety. Cooling down during warmer days? Just take a plunge in the Dutchtub Loveseat for a refreshing bath.

The Dutchtub Loveseat is heated by natural circulation of the water. Water at the bottom of the tub will be sucked into the coil where it is heated by the wood burning fire. The warm water will rise and flow out of the coil at the top of the tub. Stir the water every now and then to evenly distribute the warm water throughout the Dutchtub Loveseat. Depending on the weather circumstances it takes about 2 hours for the water to reach a temperature of 38 degrees.


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