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Tool Logic SL Pro Fire

The SL Pro Fire (tactical black) offers a 3inch  50/50 serrated blade and loud emergency signal whistle. Plus a brilliant white LED flashlight that's detachable from its sleeve attached to the top of the knife handle. The LED module has a premium magnesium alloy fire rod that is rated for hundreds of strikes. It throws off an intense shower of sparks at over 2500 degrees. The flashlight is made of tough anodized aluminium and is waterproof for use in wet environments or for shallow immersion. 

The SL Pro Fire features solid steel construction and has a stainless steel pocket/belt clip on the back. It's an ideal choice for rugged use anywhere life takes you.


Non-reflective 3inch 50/50 serrated stainless steel blade.

Brilliant white flashlight and magnesium alloy fire starter.

Loud emergency signal whistle.

Flashlight is waterproof for shallow immersion and is ideal for work in low light situations.

Rugged frame lock and pocket/belt clip.

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