Savu Smoker Bag | Alder



A simple-to-use "smoke" bag which imparts a smoky flavour into the meal of your choice. 

Simply place your meat/vegetables/cheese/other inside the bag, fold the edge over to seal and then place on the BBQ or in the oven etc. The bag features tiny perforations allowing smoke into the main food compartment while keeping the wood chips away from direct contact with your food. 

The Alder wood chips will impart a unique, subtle, smoky flavour to your meal, ideal with fish, poultry, beef and pork. 


- Single bag - 25cm x 49cm


- Sturdy foil bags can be used in both oven and grill
- Lined with a mixture of woodchips, hardwood syrup and sugar
- Each bag is 25 x 49cm

Please select from a single bag or purchase a Pack of 12 for Bulk buy savings (please see link below).

UK Delivery is included in the price.

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