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SwissTech Rx20 Cycle Tool

The Rx20 from Swiss Tech is the ultimate multi tool to carry around for any cycling specialists, as it contains 20 unique tools for repairing or adjusting any bicycle whilst your on the move. It's compact design means that you can take it with your anywhere and even slip it into your pocket when you are getting ready to face that daunting 60 mile road race! As the Rx20 features 20 unique tools it means that you don't have to carry around a rucksack full of miscellaneous screwdrivers and wrenches every time you want to go venturing out on your bike.

It may be small but the Rx20 can still withstand any problems you may have thanks to its durable stainless steel design which can handle practically any repair job. The tools included feature 7 hex drivers, 2 screwdrivers, 2 wrenches, star driver, chain tool, 5 spoke wrenches and 2 tyre levers, so no job is to big. Measures: 6 x 3.2 x 0.4 inches.

Tools included:

1. #2 Phillips Screwdriver
2. Flat Head Screwdriver
3. 2mm Hex Driver
4. 2.5mm Hex Driver
5. 3mm Hex Driver
6. 4mm Hex Driver
7. 5mm Hex Driver
8. 6mm Hex Driver
9. 8mm Hex Driver
10. T25 Star Driver 11. 8mm Wrench
12. 10mm Wrench
13. 3.5mm Spoke Wrench
14. 3.8mm Spoke Wrench
15. 4mm Spoke Wrench
16. 6mm Mavic® Spoke Wrench
17. 10mm Mavic® Spoke Wrench
18. Chain Tool
19. Tire Lever 1
20. Tire Lever 2

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