Mora of Sweden

Mora Craftline - Chisel Knife


Chisel knife with a single side honed carbon steel blade. The substantial and impact resistant handle makes this chisel knife to the obvious tool in woodwork.The blade steel is the best quality available carbon steel, with extreme sharpness and high edge retention. Selected and heat treated to achieve an extreme level of strength and toughness as well as maximum edge lifetime. Furthermore, the patterned, double-moulded, high-friction grip is ergonomically designed making it an efficient, comfortable and safe knife to use.

Blade Thickness: 3,1mm
Blade Length: 75mm
Total Length: 193mm
Net Weight: 140g

The 12C27 stainless steel has a much finer and even distribution of carbides giving it a finer sharper edge than most other steels, as you can see from the microscopic images below

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