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Barr Bros. Boning Hook Inverted Bio Grip Handle

he Bio-Grip Boning hooks are designed to alleviate the trauma associated with repetitive motion of conventional meat hooks. A Bio-Grip allows the user to perform the same function while maintaining a natural, neutral hand position and a relaxed grip. The Bio-Grip design improves "point control" while reducing the necessary range of motion. And, because the hook doesn't protrude from between the fingers like conventional meat hooks, the joints of the fingers are not subjected to lateral stresses induced by a hook applying forces perpendicular to the natural bending of the fingers. Remember, fatigue and injury affect productivity. Repetitive motion in an unnatural or inefficient manner may accelerate that fatigue or injury.

Patented Ergonomic Design * Less stress and fatigue. * Neutral hand position. * Barr Brothers tapered hammer handle design. * Bright orange polypropylene handle. * 1/4" diameter (#2 gauge) stainless steel hook.

Delivery included in the price.

Collections: Craft & Carving, Knives

Category: Bushcraft Hunting

Type: Knives

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