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AnyGlove - Original

AnyGlove Solution - A liquid formula that makes any material gloves, touch screen compatible.

AnyGlove(TM) (Pat. Pend) is a revolution in touchscreen glove technology and 100% Made in the USA. Wouldn't it be nice to wear any gloves you like, that are appropriate for the activity, and use any touchscreen without having to take them off? While there are "touchscreen" gloves available for certain activities requiring the use of gloves, most are poor fitting, don't keep your hands warm and may stop working after heavy use or laundering. You can make all of your gloves touchscreen compatible, old or new, with AnyGlove. Each 15ml bottle of AnyGlove contains 550 DROPS, enough liquid solution for you to treat multiple pairs of gloves with a single bottle. AnyGlove is easy to use, cost effective and works on almost all types of gloves. It will not wash off if your gloves get wet and won't change the softness or flexibility of the material after use. Functionality can last for months or longer, depending on the type of glove and how it is used (individual results may vary). If the functionality ever starts to fade, simply re-apply, dry and you are good to go. While AnyGlove is not recommended for light-colored gloves, as discoloration will occur, many of our customers tell us it is almost unnoticeable on black and darker colors gloves. So if you are frustrated with having to remove your gloves to use your smart phone or tablet and don't want to hassle with dots, patches or sewing conductive threads through the fingers of your gloves, AnyGlove is the solution you have been looking for. * Leather Gloves AnyGlove Original Formula works on leather, but requires a different application process than on fabrics and synthetic leather. If your primary use is for leather gloves, try our brand new, specially formulated AnyGlove For Leather product. It works better than ever on motorcycle, work, equestrian and law enforcement type gloves

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