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Vegetarian Meals

Vegetarian meal options.
Camping Freeze Dried Meal Ration
MX3 Apple and Banana Compote £3.95
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Survival Ration Freeze Dried Meal Camping Hiking
MX3 Apple and Rasberry Compote £3.95
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Pudding Camping Kayaking Kayak Meal Ration Food
MX3 Chocolate Fondue Pudding with Red Fruit Croutons £3.95
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Ration Pudding MRE Meal Ready To Eat Kayaking Camping Bushcraft Prepping
MX3 Chocolate Muesli £3.95
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Freeze Dried Pasta Meal Camping Hiking Bushcraft Survival
MX3 Three Cheese Pasta £5.95
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Pudding Packet Meal MRE Meal Ready To Eat
MX3 Vanilla Creme Pudding £3.95
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Vegetarian Camping Meal Past Freeze Dried MRE Meal Ready To Eat
MX3 Vegetable Pasta £5.95
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MX3 Vegetable Rice
MX3 Vegetable Rice £5.95
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