Jerven Bag - King Size - Mountain Camouflage Pattern


Jerven AS has been the supplier of its specially created Jerven Bag protective tarp (or Fjellduken in Norway), to the Norwegian Armed Forces for over 30 years. It is also in use with the British, French, Swiss and Danish Special Forces.

The Jerven Bag King Size is the largest of the Jerven models, measuring 143 x 220 cm. The King Size can be therefore be used by one or two people and is perfect for guys over 6' 2" (or even girls, perish the thought). Due to its size, the King Size model is in our opinion the most useful and versatile Jerven Bag. In addition to its tough outer shell, the King Size features a Primaloft lining of 60g/sm to give you extra warmth and comfort in cold conditions. 

The Jerven Bag is made from a coated polyester, with aluminium coating on the underside, which reflects body heat back like a survival bag. The bags feature double sided YKK zips around three edges to allow you to vary the shape according to your desired setup. Included are a pair of 3/4 length sleeves that you can attach or detach as you wish and a hi viz orange rescue flag.

10 reasons why you should get a Jerven Bag.
1. Mountain Camouflage - exellent camouflage blends in perfectly with most environments.
2. Quick Emergency Shelter
3. Waterproof - It can be used to protect you from rain or wet ground when sleeping.
4. Insulating - The aluminium coating provides fantastic insulating qualities
5. Smell - If you are a hunter you will appreciate the odour being trapped inside.
6. Signalling - The aluminium coating can provide a great reflective signal if you want to be found.
7. Warranty - 10 years warranty should get your trust.
8. Collect water - Improvise with it and use it to gather water.
9. Combining several Jerven Bags - The zips around the edge allows you to connect several bags to one to create a bigger shelter or a double bivvi bag for two to sleep in.
10. Life insurance - In a survival situation the Jerven Bag may save your life.

The King Size Bag specifications:

  • Windproof, Waterproof and Non-breathable
  • Inner: Aluminium-coated polyester
  • Outer: Polyester Ripstop polyamide
  • Dimensions (unzipped): 286 x 220 cm
    Dimesions (zipped): 143 x 220 cm
    Weight: 1900 g
    Colour: Mountain Camo
    Warm 60g/m2 PrimaLoft lining. Weight 1900 g.

    It also includes a compression bag, simply fold and roll the mouth and secure and compress it with two adjustable straps. A pair of sleeves made from the same material as the Jervenbag itself. A 150 cm long belt, to secure the Jerven Bag around your waist when wearing like a poncho. A rescue flag, 50 x 50 cm.


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