Pocket Multi Tool 12 in 1


The lightweight and compact design of this multi-tool makes it easy to carry in your pocket, purse, or keep in your kitchen drawer. Precision crafted with solid stainless steel tools. Ribbed side-grip handles allow for comfort and stability. Comes with nylon carrying case for protection and can attach to belt.

  1. Needle Nosed Pliers
  2. Wire Cutter
  3. Serrated Knife
  4. Straight Knife
  5. #0 Phillips Screwdriver
  6. #2 Flat Screwdriver
  7. #3 Flat Screwdriver
  8. #4 Flat Screwdriver
  9. Bottle Opener
  10. Nail File
  11. Nail Cleaner
  12. Awl

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