Razor Edge

Razor Edge Basic Bowl Spoon Carving Kit (RH)


Designed to fulfill the needs of the bowl and spoon carving community

This kit includes everything we were told was needed to start out in bowl carving except the lump of wood!.


1 X HB-3    Walnut Handle with brass "Lock Jaw" mechanism and locking tool
1 X LRH     Large right handed bowl carving blade 1/2"wide x 3"long .050 thick Heavy duty
1 X SRH     Small right handed bowl carving blade 5/16"wide x 2 1/4"long Hard flex
1 X 8 Hard Blade
1 X 9 Medium Blade
1 X 11 Hard Blade
1 X 20 Hard Blade
1 X 21 Hard Blade
1 X 22 Hard Blade

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