Lillhalla Fire Pit / Fire Place by Hikki of Sweden


Lillhälla looks back to the nomadic sami fireplaces, temporary resting places that provided warmth and comfort for road weary travelers. Just as those fireplaces, Lillhälla is assembled by the user him- or herself into a construction that shields the fire from the wind and provides a cooking surface for the brought provisions. Lillhälla also comes with a mountable stick on which you can hang a coffee pot, for who doesn’t like a cup of coffee made out in the open on a chilly day?

Lillhälla is made from the same corten steel as our outdoors oven Faster Greta – a maintenance free weathering steel that develops a protective rust layer from wear and the seasons change.


Width 44 cm
Length 44 cm 
Height 40 cm


20 kg


3 mm corten steel

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