Kameeldoring Luxury Fire and BBQ Wood - 15KG Bag


Simply the best ever braai/bbq wood!  With this extremely dry and dense Namibian Hardwood you'll get:

  • Also known as Camel Thorn (Vachellia Erioloba)
  • plenty sizzle 
  • high temperatures
  • long burn time
  • great aroma
  • low levels of smoke
  • less than 2% moisture content
  • 15kg bag dimensions: 60cm x 40cm x 20cm
  • each bag has enough for four family braais


Our African hardwood is ethically sourced in line with the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry in Namibia.

The Vision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry is where the nation's Agricultural, Water and Forest resources are sustainably and equitably used for improved livelihood, wellbeing and wealth for all.

Kameeldoring (Vachellia erioloba) or “Camel Thorn” is a protected species in Namibia, and therefore strict regulations are in place that prevent the wood from being harvested unless the tree is already dead or the branches fallen to the ground.

The Namibian authorities regularly visit the farms to carry out inspections and record the number of dead and living trees.

The alien invasive wood that is exported from Namibia creates thousands of jobs for local farmers, most of which live in poverty and are sole bread winners for their families.


Lems are designed to mirror the natural shape of the human foot. Unlike traditional footwear products that squeeze the toes together, our toe area allows for maximum room, giving the toes ultimate freedom to wiggle and spread.

Lems natural foot-shaped shoes

Due to the narrowness of shoes in today’s market, most of us have experienced foot deformation whether we know it or not. Lems aims to fix these problems by allowing the toes all-day comfort and the freedom to live naturally.

Combine Lems with Correct Toes to help naturally spread the toes and cure many foot ailments including bunions, neuromas, and general foot numbness.

Lems natural foot shape with Correct Toes spacers


You have gone to the trouble and effort of picking the right pair of boots for your requirements. You have now broken them in and they are extremely comfortable and suit your needs perfectly. 

With just a few simple steps (no pun intended), you can help to preserve your favourite pair of boots and greatly extend their lifespan. Follow these simple guidelines to maximise the longevity of your footwear.

We recommend the use of Redback Boot Wax- it has been specifically developed for the type of water repellent leathers we use (NB not suitable for the nubuck UBCH boots). 

We recommend that you rub in the Redback Boot Wax when the leather is dry and warmed up a little. Use a cloth  to work the wax and oils into the leather and then leave to dry a little and brush vigorously to drive it into and below the leather surface.

Please bear these points in mind:

1) Never dry your boots using an artificial heat source (radiator, oven, fire etc.).

2) Make the drying out procedure take as long as possible.

3) Never force dry your boots.

4) Never store boots wet.

5) Never store boots that have not been waxed or treated first.

Drying boots out rapidly can lead to shrinkage.  Particularly in hot climes, cover the boots with a lightly dampened cloth to slow the rate of evaporation. Ensuring the leather is clean and treated regularly can in fact double or triple the lifespan of a pair of Redbacks so is well worth doing.

Get the most out of your Redbacks with Redback Boot Wax. Available here - 


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