Savu Smoker Bag - Hickory


Who would have believed smoking your own food in your home could be this easy? It’s all thanks to those clever Scandinavians - they’ve captured their expertise in a patented foil bag. If you love the flavour that wood chips add to a BBQ but you don’t like squinting teary-eyed as smoke belches from the BBQ, clear the air with SAVU Smoker Bags. These sturdy 3-ply foil bags are lined with a mixture of woodchips, hardwood syrup and sugar, adding a delicious smokiness to anything cooked inside them. Perfect for meat, fish, poultry and even vegetables.

This bags has Hickory woodchips from the USA, to give a medium smoke flavour so is more suitable for smoking poulty, game and meat. You can use them in a domestic oven, on a BBQ or even a campfire.

Instructions and recipes are included and the simple rules for best results are to make sure the oven is as hot as possible, (no flames on BBQs or Campfire), make sure the food is at room temperature when you put it in the bag and let the bag rest for 10 mins after cooking.

Size: 11" x 19½" (28 x 50cm), holds upto 1kg of food.
Quick and easy, no turning of the food or the bag.
Complete meals in one bag.
No chemicals or glue, all natural ingredients
Low fat cooking and keeps oven and grill clean.
Distributed exclusively in the UK by us.

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