EcoQue Portable BBQ 12 inches


EcoQue Stainless Steel 12" Portable Grill Enjoy the taste of fire grilled foods almost anywhere. This product used to be sold under the brand name of Pyromid and was a fantastic selling product for us, now thankfully resurrected by EcoQue.

This amazingly portable grill features the reflective pyromid design that focuses heat efficiently. EcoQue Grills consume up to 75% less fuel than similar sized grills by reflecting more heat up toward the cooking surface for optimal performance. You can cook a meal for four with as few as nine briquettes, or cook with twigs, wood chunks, and other found fuel.

By changing the orientation, height and amount of fuel, you can fine-tune the heat for anything from a fast grill for steaks to a more gentle roast for veggies and fish. In fact with an EcoQue you can BBQ, bake, fry, roast, boil and even smoke your foods!

Made of durable stainless steel, with a cooking surface is 780cm sq.  It folds into a bag just over 3cm thick and fits in picnic baskets, kayak hatches, and small sized campervan cupboards, so bring it to the beach, the campsite, or even on your balcony. I keep mine at the ready in my Land Rover, fresh roadkill never tasted so good.

Comes with a carry bag made from recycled materials. Optional foil liners are available to enhance performance and make clean-up faster.


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