Barmah Minimalist M1 Kangaroo Wallet with RFID Protection


Made from premium grade , ethically sourced kangaroo hide, these Barmah wallets are smart, functional and built to last.

The wallet lining incorporates RFID (radio frequency identification) blocking technologies, meaning that the information on your cards can not be scanned by unauthorised parties, so that your information and money remain safe.

The wallet is divided into two sections. The wallet can comfortably hold up to 7 cards and several loose, folded bank notes. The front section features a unique "thumb hole" design which allows one to easily slip the top most card, in and out of the wallet. Use this slot for your most frequently used cards.

Kangaroo leather is significantly tougher than traditional types meaning a product that lasts. Please remember, kangaroo hide is a wild product and as such, may have some small marks and imperfections present naturally.

Colour Options : Dark Brown or Black

Dimensions : 10.00cm by 6.5cm

Weight : 17 grams

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