Chicken Salt Mate!

So it appears that the Australian public has been keeping the good stuff to themselves! Beyond the borders of "Oz", little is known about the mythical seasoning called "chicken salt".

Luckily for us, husband and wife team William and Laura Adams managed to sneak some past the Australian authorities in order to introduce it to us in the UK. Thank goodness - because it's delicious!

Chicken salt is the ultimate "umami" seasoning and does not actually contain any chicken. Although chicken salt is not vegan (as an animal product is used to refine one of the key ingredients), it is vegetarian so can be enjoyed by many.

In Australia, chicken salt is used in many different dishes; sprinkled on chips, basted on to rotisserie chicken, added to stocks and soups, sprinkled on to popcorn, added to marinades and much more...

Flavour. As you would expect, you get a salty hit with hints of garlic, onion, paprika and that lovely "umami" taste which really help bring out the flavours in savoury dishes (and some sweet dishes too!). 

As a promotion, we are giving away a free packet of chicken salt with every purchase of an Australian made product. Buy a pair of Redback boots or a Barmah hat and receive a free sample packet of chicken salt.

If you are interested in buying larger quantities, please visit "The Chicken Salt Company's" website for purchase in the UK:

We hope you enjoy!

The Bushgear Team