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1018 brown squashy kangaroo leather barmah hat
Barmah Hat | 1018 Squashy Kangaroo Crackle Brown £64.95
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1025 Barmah Hat Suede Leather
Barmah Hat | 1025 Suede Hickory £49.95
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barmah hat canvas foldaway beige
Barmah Hat | 1057 Foldaway Cooler Beige Canvas £32.95
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black barmah hat, Australian leather hat
Barmah Hat | 1060 Bronco Black £49.95
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Elastic Precision - Rubber Band Machine Gun
Elastic Precision - Rubber Band Machine Gun £49.95
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Elastic Precision - Rubber Band Walther PPK
Elastic Precision - Rubber Band Walther PPK £24.95
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Mora 2000 Outdoor
Mora 2000 Outdoor £29.95
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Mora Bread Knife - 214mm
Mora Bread Knife - 214mm £32.95
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Mora Bushcraft - Orange
Mora Bushcraft - Orange £29.95
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Mora Bushcraft - Signal
Mora Bushcraft - Signal £32.95
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Mora Bushcraft Survival Black
Mora Bushcraft Survival Black £59.95
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Mora Fish Knife - Carbon Steel
Mora Fish Knife - Carbon Steel £17.95
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Mora Wood Splitter 220
Mora Wood Splitter 220 £34.95
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Brown redback boots
Redback Boots | Original Brown UBOK from £99.95
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Redback Boots UBCH
Redback Boots | Original Crazy Horse UBCH £99.95
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Redback Boots | Soft Toe UNPU
Redback Boots | Soft Toe UNPU £104.95
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StrikeFire Fire Starter - Large
StrikeFire Fire Starter - Large £10.95
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StrikeFire Fire Starter - Medium
StrikeFire Fire Starter - Medium £7.95
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The Barmah Hat

August 24, 2016

Stay cool and look great with a genuine Barmah hat. Minus the corks on strings, these traditional outback hats are every Australian’s cup of tea. Built to stringent manufacturing specifications, they are guaranteed to provide many years of reliable service when maintained properly. Apart from build quality why choose a Barmah hat? Combining classic styles and materials with modern manufacturing processes, Barmah hats are both functional and unique looking. They are designed to provide maximum protection for your head, yet remain unobtrusive in everyday use, as is any good hat.  Barmah hats remain unobtrusive due to the choice of materials used, and the fact that they can be folded down for convenient carry, even within a trouser pocket. Due to...

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